Justforex stole my money

I see a lot of people like me who have the same problem with Just Forex so I also want to share about my bad experiences with this broker.
Perhaps they planned it from the start.
On February 15, after a period of profitable trading, I made a withdrawal order but was then Canceled. The reason Just forex gave was that I had to convert to EUR withdrawal even though my account’s currency was USD since the very first days.
In the following days, I could only deposit and could not withdraw normally.
Suddenly I received an email informing me that my account was abnormal and had to be checked.
Next, on February 22, I was asked to submit personal documents. Oke, I didn’t do anything wrong so just let them investigate as they wish. But the process is very annoying and time consuming. They did not say in the first place what format of information to send or what information is needed, but every time I send it, they find a reason to force me to resubmit those documents. This process took exactly 14 days.
On March 8, they did not update any more. I felt something was wrong, I couldn’t stand waiting for the money to freeze for no specific reason. I did another withdrawal but guess what, the withdrawal continued to be canceled.
And what will come will also come. They bluntly subtracted all the money in my account for very stupid reasons.

A reputable broker will never subtract a large amount of money from customers for such nonsense reasons.

So you opened a real account in an unregulated broker, and now you are angry because the broker stole you cash, and you can’t do anything. Someone made you to open this account?

Yes, I am really sad about this and there is nothing I can do to get my money back :frowning:

It is a scam broker, as you can see the proof I provide above.
If I didn’t come out this issue, there would be a lot of people being fooled like me.

Please help me out!

Oke, I am really careless when choosing a broker to trade!!! :frowning:

@ProfesorPips okii, thank you!