Justforex usurp 900,000$ from Vietnamese Clients

Hello, my name is Sang. Currently, I am a master IB for clients in Vietnam.
Let me narrate my story about how Justforex defrauded us up to $ 900,000. And I guarantee that we have enough all the evidence and documents to prove this claim.

First of all, I have a short piece of advice for all traders, especially if you are still wondering about choosing your own Forex brokers to start trading business.

I do not proclaim which Broker is the best choice for you to invest your money in, however, I can assure you that JustForex is a 100% scam. They violated many professional ethics at once, which I will show you in the details below.

After a year of working with Justforex, I became their master IB, therefore, I guarantee that I fully understand JustForex’s IB mechanism thoroughly.

One day, Justforex suddenly informed my clients that all of their accounts were disabled until they finished a weird investigation without any prior notice or specific reason.

The only response we get is:

“We suspect that you are engaged in fraudulent activities. We will close your accounts and hold all of your balances to compensate for our losses.”

“And that is final decision, this decision can not be changed” - They responded every time my clients need to know why all their money was taken from their account.

That’s right, I just accused Justforex. Of course, it is my responsibility for proving what I’m saying…

I will summarize the timeline of major events as follows:

18-Feb 2021, Justforex sent a notification to my 70+ clients stating that they have disabled all trading accounts.

23-Feb 2021, Justforex requested my 70+ clients a self-authentication which we had already finished since we created our trading accounts.

They requested us to hold a piece of paper with some text information on it such as name, current date, Justforex name along with the ID on it.

We are the investors, but now, we are somehow like a criminal holding a name paper before going to jail. It’s definitely an insult.

11-Mar 2021, Justforex continued to request one more authentication, but this time, they required all transaction history information from the bank account and portals that my clients used for depositing and withdrawing at JustForex.

Finally, 17-Mar 2021, Justforex concluded that we were all cheating on their policy and informed us that they would permanently disable our accounts.

Besides, they will retain all of our interest and principal balance to compensate for their losses.

By doing the above actions, I found that Justforex violated many fundamental rules in this trading industry.

One of them is: Keep all principal’s Clients.

In their Client Agreement and Introducing Broker agreement that we had committed before cooperating with JustForex, they do not specify any Terms or Provision on how to handle this situation. If the customer violates any conditions, will JustForex take all the customer’s principal or only interest, or withhold both? How long does it take to make a verdict and answer the above problem?

In our case, they took all the money including principal and interest.

Since I built a community, the total amount of money has been quite large, but what about the low-voice traders with $ 200 capital only? Do they implicitly have no right to claim back their money when they are defrauded?

Besides, they keep our money to compensate them for their damages.

OMG, what the h…?! Hey, if they want to compensate for the damages, then an ultimate rule is to prove the damages that they have suffered from and how much damage they are, at least. But no, Justforex only stated that they are damaged, and all our money will be used for compensation.

And even if you can prove the damage, you have to prove the cause - effect relationship between our behaviors and the consequences you get. Also, of course, they do not prove it at all.

We are having a Open Court in ForexPeaceArmy - Please search Google “forexpeacearmy justforex usurp vietnamese clients” for full threads detailed.

Feel free to ask, if you need further information or evidence. I have them all.

I want no-one to be a victim of Justforex - SCAM BROKER anymore and clean-up the scammers for Forex Industry.

You guys should be careful with these brokers. Always follow up with their reviews on forums or websites. Once you see warning signs of them going rogue soon, pull out.

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