KAS37 Trading System

This is for Real, u can get consistently 20-40 pip per day within 2-3 hours :

(I took the Original Post#1description below from my FF thread, to keep to Original Idea intact and because I have problem updating my charts, I transfer here, and of course with some new nuances and especially the Patterns - the Good and Bad Patterns - For update of the Rules and Nuances refer to Post#2)

I have been trading with success, my own trading system, called KAS37, my favourite number (3 and 7), and would like to share it with the world.

Hope every Forex Trader would benefit from it.

Words of common advice - try it in demo account first, get the feel.

Setup :

  1. Bollinger Band (BB), 20,0,2 - Default.
  2. RSI 3 and RSI 7
  3. Stochastic 7,3,3
  4. Simple Moving Average, SMA 3 and SMA7
  5. Pair - GBPJPY, 5 Min Chart. (the rest of the other pair, I wouldn’t guarantee of success)



a) Stoch cross up from below 20 (or less than 30)
b) RSI 3 and RSI 7 cross up from below 30.
c) SMA 3 and SMA 7, cross up between Lower BB and Mid BB.


a) Stoch cross down from above 80 (or greater than 70)
b) RSI 3 and RSI 7 cross down from above 70.
c) SMA 3 and SMA 7, cross down between Upper BB and Mid BB (FOR SELL ENTRY, THIS does not matter , ie the cross between the Upper BB and Mid BB- added 090208, 100208)


a) SL is 30 pip, (or, 2 pip plus spread above or below previous swing High or Low - added 090208)
b) TP is 30 pip (or trail the profit if you are in profit)
c) Move SL to BE when in 20 pip profit.
d) If price doesn’t hit target profit within 30 min to 1 hr, Close it at Best Profit (added 090208)


  1. The rules must follow step a, b then c, NOT b, a then c, as you would not get VALID SIGNALS.
  2. EXCEPTION of ENTRY RULES, of RSI (cross above 70 or below 30) and Stoch (cross above 80 or below 20), can ONLY BE DONE, if and only if, u see DIVERGENCE with 3 Spikes of Higher Highs or Lower Lows.
  3. You may enter early by following signal a) and then b) without waiting for c) to confirm. BUT, it has 90% success rate - i choose to enter on this entry.
  4. It is BEST (change from almost mandatory to BEST - added 090208) that PRIOR to ENTRY based on the RULES stated above, that the previous 2-3 bars length shall be less than 20 pips

Updated KAS37 Rules and Nuances (140308)


  1. Pair GBPJPY 5 Min Chart (ONLY)
  2. Bollinger Band (BB), 20,0,2 - Default.
  3. RSI 3 and RSI 7
  4. Stochastic 7,3,3
  5. Simple Moving Average, SMA 3 and SMA7


  1. Stoch cross up.
  2. RSI 3/7 cross up.
  3. SMA 3/7 cross up.


  1. Stoch cross down.
  2. RSI 3/7 cross down.
  3. SMA 3/7 cross down.


A Rigid 30 pip from ENTRY.


  1. Once Profit > 10 pip, set SL to 10 pip immediately, Let it Runs/Hits.
  2. Once Profit > 20 pip, set SL to 20 pip immediately, Let it Runs/Hits.
  3. Once Profit > 30 pip, set SL to 30 pip immediately, Let it Runs/Hits.
  4. Once Profit > 40 pip, set SL to 40 pip immediately, Let it Runs/Hits.

NUANCES : (Note : At the time of this writing, this process of identifying Patterns still going on from time to time - the no of Good or Buy patterns may increase from time to time, so does the nuances)

  1. To maximize profit and minimize loss, I have created, GOOD BUY/SELL PATTERNS AND BAD BUY/SELL PATTERNS.
  2. There are 3 GOOD BUY PATTERNS (called GBPAT1, GBPAT2, GBPAT3)
  3. There are 3 GOOD SELL PATTERNS (called GSPAT1, GSPAT2, GSPAT3)
  4. There are 3 BAD BUY PATTERNS (called BBPAT1, BBPAT2, BBPAT3)
  5. There are 3 BAD SELL PATTERNS (called BSPAT1, BSPAT2, BSPAT3)
  6. The minimum height of the grid is 15 pip, the bigger the better the range [I][B](added 210308)[/B][/I]

SO, YOUR ENTRY shall not based on only the General BUY/SELL entry Rules, IT shall be based on the GBPAT or GSPAT.

Examples of Patterns will be posted from time to time.

Happy trading.


Attached, is the recent chart of yesterday, took a Sell at GSPAT2, with 40 pip profit less than 5 mins.

Look at the Patterns that I have identified - HONESTLY, up till now, I still having problem, identifying the Patterns or call them this and that, DUE to the dynamic nature of the Forex Market, but with this thread I will try to define each and everyone according to what seems to be acceptable according to ‘Attribute of the Pattern’.

Find any similarity with the chart posted before ?

Let me try to explain first, hopefully I won’t change it later the pattern of GBPAT1.

GBPAT1 Attribute:

  1. Middle of the Bollinger Band (BB) pointing downward.
  2. 3 crosess have happened, does not matter which sequence, but normally, Stoch cross up first, second RSI 3/7, third SMA 3/7.
  3. ENTRY at Stoch 7,3,3 crossing the 70 line from below (in a book, this is called, Stochastic Pop).

More Example of GBPAT1.

Another example of GBPAT1.

BSPAT 1 (Bad Sell Pattern #1) Attribute :

  1. The direction of Middle BB is the begin of upward movement, after downward movement(middle BB is downward) or consolidation(middle BB is flat)
  2. The crosses of Stoch downward and RSI 3/7 downward have happened, but not the SMA 3/7.
  3. DO NOT put the SELL ENTRY, as the range of movement is quite small.

More examples of BSPAT1.

BBPAT1 (Bad Buy Pattern #1) Attribute :
(Among the easiest pattern to spot)

  1. Middle of BB pointing downward.
  2. The price is just making big movement downward, riding along the lower of BB.
  3. The cross of Stoch up and RSI 3/7 have happened, below the 30 line.
  4. The SMA 3/7 is flat, normally not crossing, or SMA 3 just barely touching SMA 7 and price is crossing both SMAs upward and downward.
  5. DO NOT put the BUY ENTRY.

More examples of BBPAT1.

GSPAT1 (Good Sell Pattern #1) Attribute:

  1. Middle BB pointing downward.
  2. Normally after BBPAT1.
  3. Crosses of Stoch down and RSI 3/7 down happen below 50 line.
  4. SMA 3/7 cross down, or ‘kiss’ and it happens between the Middle BB and Lower BB.
  5. GOOD SELL ENTRY, at the last cross among the 3, does not matter which is first.

More examples of GSPAT1.

GSPAT2 (Good Sell Pattern #2) Attribute :

  1. Middle BB pointing downward (slightly acceptable).
  2. Normally after GBPAT1.
  3. Stoch cross down has happened above 70 line.
  4. RSI 3/7 cross down about to happen below 70 line (the below the better).
  5. SMA 3/7 cross does not happen yet, about to happen.
  6. GOOD SELL ENTRY when RSI 3/7 is crossing/touching.

GBPAT2 (Good Buy Pattern #2) Attribute :

  1. Middle BB pointing upward.
  2. Normally after BSPAT1.
  3. Stoch cross up above 30 line (the above the better, above 70 line more stronger signal)
  4. RSI 3/7 cross up.
  5. SMA 3/7 cross up, or merely kiss, between the Middle BB and the Upper BB.
  6. GOOD BUY ENTRY when the last of three crosses happen.

More examples of GBPAT2.

GSPAT3 (Good Sell Pattern #3) Attribute :

  1. Middle BB is pointing upward.
  2. Normally after the GBPAT2.
  3. Stoch and RSI 3/7 have crossed down.
  4. SMA 3/7 crossing down between the Middle BB and the Upper BB.
  5. GOOD SELL ENTRY at the last of the cross among the 3, normally the SMA 3/7.

More examples of GSPAT3.

Hi Caireono,
Interesting system…a bit eyeboggling at first to pick out all those patterns to begin with but is normal when learning any new system. I’ll have to make some “cheat sheets” to stick to the side of the monitor as I imagine on such a short time frame they can materialize and then be over quite quickly. :eek: However, I am looking for a system to give that many pips in a shorter time, so this is another one that I’ll demo and assess whether it will “fit” me in due time:)

Just one request, your examples are great but I am having a little difficulty viewing them, so hoping you could make them bigger. I see that you screen capture more than you/we need which could be shaved off. Maybe you know this, but if you right click somewhere in the candle chart, there is an option to “Save As Picture” which will subsequently give a few more saving options, which will only save the chart that won’t include MT4’s menu/tool bars, and Window’s Taskbar etc.

Thanks again for all your hard work in indentifying all these patterns!.. keep it up and looking forward to some more examples and trying some demo trades soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Sweet Pip, this is the beauty of sharing, we always get back(more) what we give.

Here it is, more examples of GSPAT3.

Another one, bigger this time - better.