Kate Winslet will star as the notorious OneCoin Crytoqueen in the new movie ‘Fake!’

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet is about to star in a movie about the so-called cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova, who is behind the massive OneCoin scam that was finally busted this year. Investors in OneCoin lost 5,15 billion dollars.

The movie will be called Fake! and will be produced for the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio. Scott Z. Burns will direct the movie and Winslet herself will produce it.

As for the OneCoin Ponzi scam, it was founded in Bulgaria back in 2014 and it worked as a MLM scheme. Investors were offered to purchase a “revolutionary” new crypto currency that Ruja Ignatova and her cronies toted as a “Bitcoin killer”. The scammers managed to attract over 5 billion dollars in global investments over the course of only a few years – people from US to China to the UK gave their money to Ignatova.

I have been following the OneCoin story for a long time – since well before authorities finally arrested many of the perpetrators behind it. Sadly, a lot of people still believe that OneCoin is something real, hopefully the movie will convince at least some of them they have been had.

Insane money! I wonder what the angle of the movie will be. Before, during or after the arrest? Or all of the above. Should be a goodie. I’m a big fan of Kate Winslet.

Ignatova was never arrested. She disappeared after being seen with members of the Russian mob.

Yikes. Do you personally know people who still believe in it? :open_mouth:

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Yeah you are working on flogging your system !

Personally, no, but I have seen comments on social media.

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Fascinating! On googling it, I found that there is also a podcast from BBC on the same scam called the the “Missing Cryptoqueen.”

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I’ve heard of the podcast. The whole story is certainly worth telling.