KB Trading Consultants


has anyone of you been through their course or membership? What are your thoughts?

Any website?

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Some mixed reviews on TrustPilot - I’d say have a look on Forex Peace Army, they often have breakdowns/reviews of services like this.

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Sure, here. Didn’t want to make it look like a promo. https://kb-trading-consultants.com/

Never heard of this company so had to look around. Heres what I found. The course they sell does NOT have a strategy. It teaches you different concepts in trading and how you can use them in trading. It’s a bit like babypips course where he explains for example how fibs work, patterns eg head and shoulder, candlestick patterns and more. However in the end there is no rules based system. So you get organised knowledge but this knowledge is all already free on the internet.

He learnt from Tom dante, lance beggs, steve ruffley and has just organised their stuff plus maybe other sources and turned it into a course.

The best example would be me taking the babypips course and some books I’ve read and organise it in a different way and sell a course. Its BS. For me, it’s a scam. And it’s a scam because he sells information that is already free. So beginners think they’re getting something amazing…but its not.


My thoughts on this you shouldn’t buy membership or courses because you can check trading courses on youtube free of cost. You should watch some playlists firstly beginner’s playlists if you know the basics then search for advanced playlists.

I haven’t taken their course but when I was looking for one, I came across their name. You can do the same course from any other place like babypips or any online platform. I didn’t find it to be very good to be honest.

In this Interview (youtube title: Instatraders - BBC | What Really Happened), the founder (born Nov. 1999) talks about knowing about trading prop firms when he was like 10 or 11 years old. And talking to his accountant when he was 17. I don’t believe the part about knowing about prop firms at age 11.