Keeping it Light...What football team do you support?

Too much heavy stuff on this lobby lol(Politics and Corona)

Keeping it Light…What football team do you support?

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If you mean real football, not that silly excuse of a game in the US, Im a Man City supporter through and through - always have been since the days we were totally crap.


Club Atletico Boca Juniors!!!

I’m not a huge fan of football, but if I watch a game, this is the team I’m cheering for!

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I’m more of a winter sports type of person, but now there’s nothing to watch. :frowning:

I must be the only scouser who loathes football ! :grimacing:

Yes of course I mean real football my man!

I am the mighty Tottenham!

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Arsenal! :star_struck:


Though my family was always Man City I didn’t ‘officially’ join the ranks until we lost the FA cup final against Spurs in the early 80’s.

I always liked Ardiles and Ricky Villa - but when Villa dribbled that goal past what seemed like the whole Man City team my blue DNA kicked in and I cried and ran to my bedroom.

Hated Spurs ever since!!

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My condolences…

Real Madrid C.F.

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High five!

Long team name…

Palmeiras… Campeão da América

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Thanks for sharing

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This thread is about football. Why post that here?

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Yes seemed very random