Key Fundamentals May Influence RBNZ Decision

The economic data due for release within the next 24 hours has assumed more significance now that RBNZ has reiterated its intention to intervene if the exchange rate is “unjustified by medium-term economic fundamentals”.

The currency market was generally unaffected by data on New Zealand?s trade balance and only registered a brief appreciation against the US dollar, from 0.7660 to 0.7645 within a 45 minute period, before tumbling lower later on.
[B]New Zealand Tax Receipts, Revenues (MAY)
[/B]Expected: n/a
Previous: n/a
[B]Current Account Balance (1Q)[/B]
Expected: -2.450B
Previous: -3.929B
[B]Current Account as a Percentage of GDP (1Q)[/B]
Expected: -8.6%
Previous: -9.0%
[B]Building Permits (MoM) (MAY)
[/B]Expected: n/a
Previous: 0.7%
[B]NBNZ Business Confidence (JUN)
[/B]Expected: n/a
Previous: -48.2
[B]Money Supply M3 (YoY) (MAY)
[/B]Expected: n/a
Previous: 14.6%
[B]Trade Balance (MAY)[/B]
Actual: 0.009B
Previous: -0.189B
[B]Imports (MAY)[/B]
Actual: 3.34B
Previous: 3.39B
[B]Exports (MAY)
[/B]Actual: 3.35B
Previous: 3.20B

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