KI Signals

Ki Signals is a VTL Client Side Indicator. It finds the trend reversal with the aid of moving averages and plots up and down arrows when Ki Signals indicator identify trend reversal. It calculates two moving averages, fast and medium term of periods 3 and 10. Then it calculates a comparatively longer term (16) exponential moving average of the difference between fast and medium term moving averages calculated in first step. When the longer term EMA cross above zero, it plots an up arrow showing trend is turning upward and when it cross below zero, it plots a down arrow indicating trend is turning down. Ki Signals is similar to MACD indicator in construction but the logic is different.
Ki Signals indicator can be used to generate trading signals or it can be used as a trend filter. In trading ranges, it will produce false signals as the case with technical analysis indicators. Use it together with other filters to avoid false signals.
The Ki Signals can be customized through the parameters. To change parameter values, open the VTL script in VTL editor and the parameters are located at the top of the script file. This part of the script file is well documented for ease of use. Available options are Fast, Medium and Slow EMA periods.