Kim Kardashian to Pay $1.3 Million to SEC for Crypto Touting

  • Kim Kardashian agreed to pay more than $1 million to settle SEC charges for failing to disclose a payment she received for touting a crypto asset on Instagram.
  • She also agreed not to promo crypto assets for three years, and will cooperate with an ongoing investigation.
  • Kardashian had already gotten heat from regulators and investors over the June 2021 post.

Good to see repercussions. Just wondering if this is enough.

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These guys don’t give a damn about anything except lining their own pockets and conning a generation of teenagers.

Unfortunately, said generation of teenagers are only more than happy to hand them over their $$$…

I’m glad that they did something to her even if it could have been worse. That amount of money for the settlement would be so much to a normal person, I’m sure it doesn’t feel like that much to her, but it’s probably still enough to hurt a little.

Paid $250k. Fined $1.26 million. Drop in the bucket for a billionaire.

I still find it strange that her audience would deem her a savvy-enough investor to take financial advice from. Good enough for the Kardashians, good enough for me, perhaps?

I just saw a video on this, she said that what Kim was fined was equivalent to about $500 for a regular person lol. But maybe it’s. more the media coverage that’s supposed to hurt her? Does any sort of coverage really do anything bad for her though? :laughing:

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Well that’s nothing to them then :sweat_smile: all press is good press if you’re famous is what I’ve always heard lol