Kindly the ATOM/USD disaster of 10th June 2023, please? [group complaint and legal action against the unknown party who manipulated the price]


Kindly is there a method to verify is it legal to lose a huge 7-figure sum with this unfair and uncertain ATOM/USD midnight and early morning price dropping while they as ATOM/USD developers and Crypto Exchange didn’t publish any major news or information about these, please?

I feel my rights were demolished by all of ATOM/USD developers and Crypto Exchange while they constantly threatened by SEC, please.

Kindly advise, please?

Tnx and best of luck

Hi there,

Sorry if you lost funds. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but there is a lot of advice on this forum about setting up some ground rules like:

1 Do not risk more than you can afford to lose.
2 The total bank you assign to trading (or crypto, or any leveraged pursuit) should be an amount you are prepared to lose totally, and should not adversely impact your lifestyle
3 A cautious trader would only risk 1% (at the very extreme 5%) of bank on one specific trade. If you lost a seven figure sum, but you stuck to these guidelines it means you have a nine figure sum because 9 figures is 100 times 7 figures (you are a billionaire) and I question whether any exchange could entertain a seven figure sum at risk from any one client also.

Maybe I have misinterpreted your narrative. If I have please accept my apology.

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Thanks. Kindly disagree with @Mondeoman , please. Kindly I’m certain I’m a victim of price manipulation, please.

Tnx and best of luck


My entry was correct and my Liquidation level estimation was correct, but I get scammed. I’ve successfully traded FX for years, please. Kindly this ATOM/USD price manipulation scam demolished my rights, please.

Kindly I call for every other person who suffered from this scam to open an individual or group complaint and legal action against the unknown party who manipulated this price for the 10th June 2023, please. I believe this is professional international theft, please.

The price opened and closed above my estimation level for liquidation as shown in a daily candle, but the temporary price fall by an unknown party liquidated me and possibly many other victims of this price manipulation scam, please.

Tnx and best of luck