Knowing when to cut winners

In so many trades i set a stop and a limit, the trade goes my way for about 3/4 of my limit then reverses and hits my stop and i lose the trade. So what im asking is what techniques can be used to know when you should stay in your trade and let it hit your limit, or to get out before price retraces.

Sell part of your position at n pips gain to secure profit and move your stop to breakeven for the rest of your position. That is one way. There is no crystal ball to foretell the future.

You can also split your order and set two limits, set one at 1:1 and the other at 1:2 there about.

is there any indicators or analysis that can be done to tell if i should cut a trade off or let it run?

Back testing your strategy will definitely help.

Simple support and resistance… if your trade is approaching a valid S&R level, chances are it will retrace some. you may want to consider closing part or all of it.

The Cable has been behaving oddly for the last couple of months, take your pips and run on this pair. Its been ranging from 158 - 164 since december, I’ve been expecting it to break downwards, like a 1000 pips, but that has not come to fruition yet. BOE is holding her up… might range like this till after thier election.

When your trade is in profit you could change your stop loss to a trailing stop

Live by one rule. Never let a profitable trade turn into a loss. Learn to breakeven.