KOT forex are they a good Broker?

I’ve been thinking about opening KOT I seen Cue Banks use it So I think it oughta be good. Any Thoughts or Advice??

Its not a regulated broker.

Been seeing them around. Are they any good?

They seems to be heavily side toward crypto trading.
The commission is $7 RT which is not bad, but I am not seeing their spreads or commission. Waiting for someone who can share their opinion on this.

Hence no point of going with them.

Technically there are traders out there who want to join offshore broker to avoid the restrictions on trading.

Well yeah, people do opt for offshore because of such reasons, but you cant be sure about the security aspect. Plus there are regulated brokers with good conditions and almost no restrictions. So I dont really see a huge reason to opt for offshore ones.

Frankly, I am hearing that broker’s name for the first time and if they aren’t regulated, I would be a bit unsure of giving a try with them.