Kridex - my review and expierence

I opened an account here some months ago and do not have issues yet. It was not hard to deposit money or even withdraw, as I have tried withdrawing a couple of times without delay. The broker has many currency pairs, some commodities and indices. I have tried the ea trade copy and it has been working well, I hope it continues like that. Wanna add this broker as part of my top-rated brokers and would like to know the thoughts of others and what they think about the trading conditions here

have been changing brokers because their services have been kinda odd. experienced slippages with the brokers I have used and it hasn’t been efficient for scalping and day trading. The withdrawal fees for brokers are too high. I am tired… Is this the same with kridex?

I have not noticed any slippage here (trades executions are usually fast), the spreads are quite cool too, the ECN accounts are zero spread accounts so I would recommend that you try them out for your scalping and day trading strategy. About withdrawal and deposit, there are no extraneous charges and they are quite fast, I use the mastercard and skrill. The only issue I have with the deposits and withdrawals is that the broker does not accept btc for this purpose. Apart from this, I find the trading conditions healthy. For example the leverage available ranges from 1:1 to 1:500 with very low commissions.

You mentioned ea trading, I am interested in that, how do I get into the program and is it profitable?

I have been making profit from it since I started, the win rate from the ea is high. About setting it up, it is easy to do that on the website. Asides that, the customer care representatives are always available to help clients, you could contact them for assistance.

Oh! Thank you, would add that as part of my strategies to make more money.I hope it works well as you said.

They seems offshore, if i am not wrong.

What type of account is the best to open with this broker?

I don’t think the word best should be used because the best depends on you and your needs. I am using the pro account but this ought not be the best for you if you don’t have up to $5000 (which is the minimum deposit for the account). The ECN and Pro account both have 0.0 pips spread so you might consider opening an ECN account.
The best depends on what you want, I think all the account types also use eas.

Okay. Thank you for the reply. I am a scalper and a long term trader any way. I think I will just start with the ECN account for now since you said it has 0.0 pips