Ladies who can trade better

Are there no ladies who can handle trade very well, ladies who can detect when she will loose and when will make profit?if yes, why are they not familiar like the male trades?

Hello ‘perpetual’,

you may be interested in reading this thread of mine, as there have been some interesting comments, and two female

traders (PipNRoll and natalija) have made some contributions:

Cheers and thank you for posting this interesting thread topic.

Here’s one. I’m not vouching for anything she’s selling or the site she promotes, but she has an absolute ton of free useful information on utube vid’s. Make sure you’re watching them in order as you will understand them better.

The Entry - YouTube

Good Luck
Also you can net search Women Forex Traders

Chartology | Forex Blog: Charting with FX Currency Trading Signals

Or just check out babypip’s own Queen Cleopiptra (AKA Raghee Horner).

Queen Cleopiptra posts market review vids every week or two right here on the babypip Chartology Blog.

I always find Raghee’s vids worth watching. And if you keep hitting the “Previous Entry” button you’ll find years of Raghee’s old vids in the bp archives!

Good stuff to watch as you enjoy your morning coffee, tea or whisky! :44:

Gender does not matter and just because there may not be as many female trader that you have heard about does not mean they are not there.

Here is the last female trader that predicted the run of AUDUSD from .865 to .943
She is already on holidays as you can see

forgive me for asking, but what has her physical appearance got to do with her trading ability?

Her name would have been enough…

Anyway, great input from gp00053 and d-pip!

There is also Jess, from Australia, aka Rogue Traderette, who is also on MeetPips:

All about Rogue Traderette � Rogue Traderette

There was the (in)famous Amy Sangster, much renowned on Babypips, also from Australia:

How I bought a Lamborghini at 22

No shortage of examples…

Oh, one more female trader success story. A few years since I’ve watched this but if I’m not mistaken, didn’t Caroline the Entrepreneur/Single Mother have the best trading record?

[I]“Million Dollar Traders was a 2009 British reality television series devised by hedge fund manager Lex van Dam which recreated the famous Turtle Traders experiment devised by Richard Dennis in the 1980s.”[/I]

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3) Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3) - YouTube

Yes, D-pip, she is now Managing Director at Aspen & Brown: her full name is Caroline Taysom.


Thanks for the follow-up info! When I watched the series a few years ago, it seemed to reveal, IMO anyway, how inborn personality characteristics played an inportant role in trading successfully v failure. The nature versus nurture issue.

I’ll have to watch the “Million Dollar Traders’ series again, LOL, it could be a great topic for a group discussion thread here on babypips.


I’ve watched that series along time ago. I will watch it again when I have found time. A thread discussion for this I think it is a great idea. I’ll participate if d-pip will open up a thread :wink: lol

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it is [B]the beach[/B] i’m pointing out here; as a motive and an inspiration

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Great discussion here guys.
With time we have to embrace the fact that ladies trade better than us. :slight_smile: annoying but true LOL.
over to the million dollar traders discussion

Thank you GrixFX, and do not forget to take a look at the updated sister thread
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Psychologists say that women make the ideal Forex trader; they’re more risk averse than their male counterparts and whilst that may mean they don’t make big profits as often as men, their propensity to check every deal carefully before committing to a trade makes them less likely to suffer losses. Some say that women are more intuitive than men too, giving them that ‘sixth sense’ advantage.:35: