Hi all. This is the first time i post on babypips. I got to know about forex trading 2 weeks ago, after i was searching or a job and found one as a salesman for LCI.

I learned everything on and so i am now trading with a demo account. I am using the company’s free software, and since i haven’t tested other packages, i was wondering what you guys think of this one.

I have actually used the FXtrading platform from FXCM, but at that point i had’t realized that it was forex trading and stuff.

P.S. To download the software, go to, enter the UK section and choose demo from the accounts section. Fill in the info and then download.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this SPAM or not and I am too new here to make that decision. But you work for LCI and you just opened a demo ? Sounds weird to me :confused:

I checked out the site and it is built pretty bad so my gut instinct is I wouldn’t touch it with my funds.

Well i’m starting to for them work as a salesman next week. My job is to convince ppl to join the forex trading, with LCI.

I’m not advertising or anything. I just want an opinion on the platform. They are a new company… founded in 2006, so they don’t have many offices around the world. They just opened in Lebanon so they are looking for salesman.
The great thing is that, here they take no commission on trades since the economy in Lebanon is pretty bad, and they have a low spread…3 for the main pairs.

How come the icon in the browser is the same on lci as on as has anyone here any experience with