Learning how to trade online

Hey there, I’m new in this website . I would like to learn how to use Forex trading and finally obtain my own wealth and successfully achieve all my goals

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Yes and we all lived happily ever after :blush:
You will probably have to go through abit of frustration and angst before you even start to become consistently profitable.Though you might get bored if it was too easy. Don’t lose any money, open a demo and learn from different sources and practice, practice, practice

What have you learned so far? Any experience trading yet?

FX is a zero sum game which means that when you make a trade some other trader on the planet has made an opposite trade to you. Only one winner and one loser. As a newbie, what are your odds of being a consistent winner?

First and foremost you need to know yourself inside out, and how to manage emotional control as you will be tested every step of the way. The market doesn’t know you, doesn’t care about you - you’re on your own all the time without any guarantee that you’ll become successful…

Best of luck.

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But I’ve come back ! But regardless of what " the 3 wise men ! " above say have a go you never know till you try :blush:

Hello there, welcome to the forum! Sure, keep an open mind and be patient throughout the process. Success will come in its time. Read some books online and check out Youtube videos. Practice on a demo account to gain confidence. Good luck!