Learning MarketMilk


Is there any thorough guide to learn to use MarketMilk?

I find navigating around quite confusing. I haven’t discovered any way to save a custom watchlist. It might be possible that the feature doesn’t exist.

Thank you.

Yeah I don’t think you can save watchlists right now, at least I didn’t find that option, too. :confused:

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Thank you for the reply.

I hope to see the software improving in addition to forums. I don’t know which topics are highly discussed here. I usually get a reply to my questions days later.

Hello @ajbozdar!

Glad you’re using MarketMilk™!

Saving a custom watchlist is a feature we don’t have yet right now.

As for that guide to using MarketMilk™, we actually have a help page for it here: Analyze a Watchlist — MarketMilk™ Help Center. Take a look!

Is market milk not working now on today’s date because the prices on it for 12/18/2020 at 22:59 have not updated the prices today?!!

Sorry for late reply.

This was supposed to be answered by someone who is directly working with the team. @Ananais

MarketMilk is not my primary tool to learn about changing market conditions, so I am unable to answer your question @Yassine11. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for the traffic and the reply.

Any problems with price data on MarketMilk, @Yassine11? Please let us know, thanks!

@Ananais @Pipstradamus
What changes have you introduced in Market Milk in the last 6 months? Is there any new updated help page?

I didn’t find any option to save a custom watchlist.

I don’t think I need it. Thank you.