Learning mql?

So I have a good knack of learning programming fast… from my school and college days, even at work. Have also done object oriented programming in Matlab environment…

My question - What is a good resource to learn mql4/5? I have read quite a bit of the book on the mql website. That is helpful, but Jim Dandy’s mql tutorials seem to be of very good quality from the samples in youtube. It is $200 bucks for all of his mql videos.

Any opinions or reviews? Besides Jim Dandy, is there anything out there which is of high quality?

I would appreciate your responses.

Robopip’s got a quick MQL blog series for the basics with a few examples: Art of Automation | Forex Blog: Find, Develop, & Test Trading Systems

I also want to learn MQL coding, I also have basic programming at university but it’s not enough so far since I am not good at Math and Forex. Is MQL easy as developing a classified website?

I have some limited experience with MQL, and from my experience I found it to be quite a bit more difficult to learn than most well-used languages like Java, Python, or a C variant. This is in part due to the complicated nature of the MQL API, which, like any other language takes some time to familiarize yourself with.

That being said, there is a lot of documentation on the subject, so if you dedicate some time to learning it, you should be able to conquer it without much issue. It sounds like you have at least some basic programming knowledge under your belt - if you understand conditionals, loops, and arrays, these are probably the most essential pieces needed to work with FOREX automation.

There are some workarounds available that can allow you to create a forex system without having to learn the actual ins and outs of MQL coding. If you’re interested, Forex Ninja has written an article about some of these: Forex EA Trading Solutions You Should Check Out

You tryin to create an expert advisor?

check out Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4

Cool story for ya, My son is in 9th grade, and he is learning coding now, and if I show him any of the mql, he knows exactly what it all means. Its to complicated for me, lol…

Your son is kind of genius, I also learned Java and can familiar with Spring framework but I still can’t digest MQL code .

If you are going to learn MQL, then it is very nice. I do not really understand degan MQL, because lazy to learn it. So that the traders that the spirit can learn.

Not easy but it take time to understand all functions