Learning what goes into Fundamental analysis

I am currently a 100% technical trader but I want to dive into the world of fundamental analysis.

Can someone share with me some of the best material to learn this? Articles, youtube channels/videos.

also, any tips would be greatly appreciative!


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Broadly speaking, anything that deals with macroeconomics will be a good starting point to build a foundation.

Now when you done with that phase of macroeconomics how do you portion yourself for a trade

Fundamental analysis is a way of looking at the forex market by analyzing economic, social, and political forces that may affect currency prices.

this book can help you The smart investor.

I recommend that you take a look at the classic economic calendar to identify those events that have the greatest impact on the market and then find information about their analysis on YouTube or search engines. There are many nuances and always need to look at the future, but it is this direction allows you to get the most confident profit.

The best place to start learning about fundamental analysis is a series of YouTube videos on the Traders4Traders channel called “How do bankers trade Forex?”

Fundamental analysis is a special area in trading that requires detailed study. The main thing is to start with the news that have the greatest impact on the market and are related to key assets, and then, when you have enough experience, you can work with other news as well.
And good luck with that, of course.

A good place to start is in our School of Pipsology.

A section called Fundamental Analysis.

Fxstreet is a good site for articles. Plus you can also refer to the economic calendar on forex factory.

Both technical analysis and fundamental analysis are important. A trader needs to learn both.

I started from event trading. The easiest way to find a market-moving event is to look into calendar HotForex Economic Calendar | Forex Broker

You pick a report (event) then analyse price reaction to the report on historical prices. Trying to figure out what’s the most sensitive asset, how reaction of prices depends on divergence of actual values from market expectations (aka surprise etc.)

The best way to learn fundamental analysis is to see how market responds to it. You won’t find this information in text books.

As far as I know, The Intelligent Investor is the best book that you must get to learn fundamental analysis. You can also watch some YouTube videos for a better explanation if you don’t understand. You can also post your queries here to get help from experienced traders.

When talking about fundamental analysis, here is the list of the things you need to keep yourself updated.

  1. Macro economic news. Follow a news blog channel like, Fxstreet they offer a variety of news analysis on major forex pairs etc.
  2. Economic Calendar: You can refer to any good forex site like, forexfactory, investing.com etc, to check for major economical events which effects the prices of currencies, commodities and stocks.
  3. Trading during news release: Always be extra careful when trading on news release, you would need to practice this art as generally spreads tend to rise during extreme news releases or major market events.

Thanks for sharing.

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