Legit ECN Broker?

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a legitimate raw ECN broker that has a low minimum balance. Most I’ve come across, despite claiming to be ECN are not true ECN.

Thank you

what do you mean when you said not true ECN? confused. some platforms go as low as $100, but its not going to last long thou. i am using usg for quite sometime now, so far so good. i guess you can always try out with demo account and see if it fits your trading habit.

IC markets are super broker from australia that dont have too follow ESMA s leverage bullshit 30:1 limit from 1.august and only charge 7 dollars pr lot traded and 0 spread heres link i am using them and are very happy with them:http://icmarkets.com/?camp=20604

@MadeTree you can check some tips how to choosing a forex broker in this link:

Looking at your requirements I think Finpro trading would be a nice fit for you. I usually trade EUR/USD You can find legit ecns here on this list Going offshore to escape the CFTC The thread is very well researched and lists trusted brokers traded and tested by the traders following the thread. As for me I trade with Finpro trading. Found it from this thread only. The spreads are true ecn. EUR/USD is mostly around 0.2 pips. The broker offers multiple ac types so depending upon your requiremnets you can set up an ecn account with them. And if you fancy to have more options then this thread is a good place to start