I come from the school of hard knocks in the UK. In fact, very hard knocks.

I have traded options, shares and more recently Forex (2 years). A recent convert to price action trading and have had modest but consistent success for the last 5 months. Then the gremlins set in and have struggled over the last 5 weeks.

I am hoping to share ideas and improve in all aspects, especially exits. Trading reversals are causing me most problems (so why trade them I hear) - but they look so inviting and potentially rewarding. I am moving onto daily charts instead of the 4 hourly ones to see if they bring more clarity.

I am a convert of price action trading, without indicators and would like to share ideas with similar minded traders.

If anybody has any ideas / strategies to review or anything to offer I would be grateful. Any contacts would be welcome.

Regards - Legslapper

Greetings Legslapper and welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself and your trading, and sorry to hear you’ve been struggling. The environment has changed a bit over the last month, so a bit of adaptability is required now…all part of the game. I hope to hear more from ya and hopefully we can all navigate the markets well together!

Thanks for the hello Pipcrawler- when you say the environment has changed, do you include less volitility, few great trends and overall choppy market. The market seems falt - professional trader on holiday?


Yeah there was strong bearish euro sentiment and strong pound and kiwi sentiment for a few months, but that’s changed in the last month because of a change in data. Volatility continues to decline, so profit targets are taking much longer to hit, which is dangerous because of the constant data stream that currencies are influenced by. So, it is a bit different now, maybe because the pros are on holiday, which means it all may change again in September. We’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

[Thanks again for the information - I will keep it in mind.