Lesser-known financial market

Have you ever discovered a hidden gem in a lesser-known financial market or asset class that provided significant trading opportunities?

i regard options-trading as a “hidden gem”: it’s a gem in the sense that i know plenty of people who make their full-time livings from it, some of them very successfully - and it’s certainly always been “hidden” from me in the sense that i have no idea how to do it


Perfect. :+1:t2: Have you considered exploring resources or courses to learn more about options trading and its strategies?

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not really, now - maybe i should have done, earlier, but never quite got round to it, somehow, for a variety of different reasons, and now I’m too old and too semi-retired to want to take up something new that’s work-related :blush:

Life can get busy, and sometimes exploring new things like options trading can take a backseat.