Let`s share our experience to make good trading system!

[B]let me guess…Damiani Volatmeter…is it?[/B]

[B]im using exactly spudfyre MTF stoch combination…im trading on 15m TF but trend are exactly from 1H and 4H…and my signal is from 15m and 30m TF and its all 14,3,3…its a multi time frame and i put it together in 15m TF…and i add 4 more stoch with 5,3,3 on the same chart to detect retracement and only enter counter trend trade on 1 hour retracement because it have a possibility to change trend…the 5,3,3 stoch is just a colour bar so my chart dont mess up…i put 50 pips trailing stop for all my entry…i only trade 3 times a day and mostly on GJ…and i am happy if i could catch 60 pips in every trade rather than fail in attemp to catch the whole trend…my principle is “IF WE SELL ON OVERBOUGHT THATS MEAN WE ARE BEING PROTECTED FROM THE PRICE TO GO UP FOR A TEMPORARY TIME IF PRICE DOESNT WANT TO GO DOWN”…thats why i love so much…after all the most important thing is TRADE WITHOUT FEAR:cool:[/B]

[B]as far as i know babypips doesnt support mq4 to be uploaded so u need to zip it…i hope this help[/B]

Steve how many pips you make per week?:)Your system is very interesting .:)))
I`m just curious …:wink: