Let`s share our experience to make good trading system!

Hello this thread it is about making good trading system which will help to all of us.Let`s share good methods here and to build one better then all old methods.

I think that basic in this baby should be candle pattern because they could show us when what will happen when most of indicators cant.If we use them we could make much more pips insted of using some indicators only.Also im sure that RSI and Stoch are very good indicators and if we combine them we will make something really good?Any offers ?

Le share our experience i`m open to any offers …:))))

very good sites Japanese Candlestick Charting Explained
Profitable Candlestick Trading with Japanese Candlesticks

Sell EUR/JPY 158.75 :slight_smile:

did anyone know something about this baby?
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hey pro87

Keep it up with the signals! My system as of right now is basically PSAR and MACD.


And is it works for you ?I think that you probably use daily chart?:)Also one advice don`t use only this PSAR is good but sometimes just is to slow just be sure that you have the right indicator with it ?Will you tell us your strategy to see if we could help you to make it better .:slight_smile:



Ive read many many systems to good trader who make good pips but what ive
spoted when i see pro trader trading i only see Support Resistance trend lines and fib thats all.Also read material about this one guy says"As you may or may not already know all indicators are lagging, they may help your trading decision but all they doing is to interpreting price action" and i am totally agree! and his system is FREE!And ill give it to those who want to learn something good.



Daily Swing System.pdf (305 KB)

I have ups and downs since I am still learning. My strategy is pretty much same as what James stated for his eur/usd system. I mainly look for the dot indicator for PSAR and if the MACD had crossed.
Whats your system? would you kindly share with us



your singal says to sell eur/jpy, why is that? right now eur is going up fast right now

yes i saw this too :)but basicly i was wrong i just want to give signal about GBP/JPY to make some pips . right now i just wait to go long … at GBP/JPY… just wait next candle.

wat time frame ur using?

1h chart and like it seems i was right about long GBP/JPY :slight_smile:

Hello guys i found one very good indicator which show you when to trade and when not to trade . this is noise indicator if someone of you is interested . just to say all send it to him :slight_smile:

im interested :slight_smile:


:confused: i cant i dont know why … just said invalid file

[B]hallo pro,
about daily chart trade…i know that daily give less false but did u aware that we need a large stop to handle daily chart and not many people have a faith to keep in position if it going to -70…im trading on 15m TF with 8 MTF stochastic setup…4 with 14,3,3 and 4 with 5,3,3…it allow me to buy bottom and sell top…
u may think 15m TF is a complete noise but with right setup u could topple the beast…trust me:cool: [/B]

Im also trying to use now 15 min chart but really dont use stoch … to pick your top and bottoms i use trendlines and fib and of course candle pattern.But stoch also helps me much …;] but . 15 min stoch on GBJ/JPY … you CAN`T trust only stoch … ;]

Seven what exactly is your strategy could you post some charts or something …:slight_smile: