Let us make Trading Simple & Profitable (Second Edition)! LOL!

Hey Dale, you have Rottweilers and that too 4 of them. Ohhhh. Do not blame now, if my wife will be after you and them. They are a class apart, she tells me, my knowledge and expertise on them is a BIG ZERO.

Ever since you posted this I’ve been trying to find this ‘perfect picture’ of ‘the DADDY’ taken about two years ago (he has SIRED around FORTY pups already TO DATE). But I see that the ‘Let us make Trading Simple & Profitable’ thread has been closed for posting (JESUS WEPT O. I have NO idea why and I’ve been keeping my ‘psylence’ too)!!! LOL!!

Anyway: TOTALLY ‘off topic’ (although maybe not i.e. this dog is worth more than my trading account and my beloved broker)!!! LOL!!!

You can keep your wife. I’ve a feeling that no matter HOW much of an animal lover she is this is NOT something that you should ‘try at home’!!! LOL!!!

THIS, my friend, is of the VON SOPHIAS BLOODLINE. His ‘papers’ are longer than my ‘CUSTOMER TRADING AGREEMENT(S)’!!! LOL!!




P.S. Let us NOT make trading simple and profitable (so DO NOT start another thread as this post is not meant to be an ‘open’ to ‘continue’)!!!

nice animal Dale, i want 5,


Shame. I must admit he’s getting old now (almost ten years old which, for a Rottweiler, is a ‘pretty good inning’). But: I have the ‘mother’ and two puppies (well they ain’t no puppies no more) from the FIRST litter. I had five but had to put one ‘down’ because him and his ‘brother’ kept ‘losing it’ with each other and, well, I had to make an ‘executive decision’ given that, unfair as it may be, the OTHER brother is, and always will be, ‘MY DOG’. There is a saying and I believe it to be true (now): dogs ‘choose’ their owners and NOT the other way around!!! LOL!!! The OTHER brother (HEKTOR with a ‘K’) is JUST as ‘be-fu*ked’ as me and takes NO prisoners (he’s EVEN had a ‘go’ at ‘the DADDY’ but he’s QUICKLY been ‘put in his place’ although he NEVER GIVES UP)!!! LOL!!!

By the way: if this thread offends anyone (for it being here and quite probably not even belonging here) I’ll have it moved or deleted. It’s just that AAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNXXXXXXXXXXXXX (or whatever) commented on my dogs and, well, as I noted, I’ve been looking for this picture on backups since that post and eventually found it.



I clicked this thread cause I thought wait a second why is Dale posting a joke thread. OH wait look at that dog. NICE. thanks for the surprise and the awesome dog.

Well thank you. APPARENTLY though: it’s ‘infantile’ of me to be posting this. Only reason for doing it is because that chap that WAS running he OLD thread asked about my dogs is all. But anyway: I’m figuring this thread will be a ‘gonner’ by tomorrow afternoon (my time).

But yeh. Let me tell you: there’s NOTHING like a dog (or dogs). A lot of people ‘scoff’ at what people call ‘pet therapy’ (you know: there’s these organisations that take pets, alright admittedly not Rottweilers, to patients in hospitals and that type of thing) but I wanna tell ya something: if it were not for my dogs I would not be sitting here typing this to you now (obviously they were around three years ago).

Anyway: that’s pretty morbid I guess (oh and lest I forget ‘infantile’).

But thanks for the post.