Let's discuss Axia Trade broker, seems interesting

Hi, guys! I know that here sometimes traders discuss different trading brokers, so maybe it’s my chance to ask you about Axia Trade broker, as I have recently signed up there and started to research it.
If someone has ever found this broker and can share essential information about the company, I’ll certainly appreciate that.
Whatever information you have - share it, I will consider on it.

Regulators are Cysec and Sychelles, ie. no difference from being unregulated.

Prohibited in Australia, Japan and US…not a good sign.

Offers a ton of deposit bonus…huge red flag.

Offers you better spreads/commission/fees based on how much you deposit…another huge red flag.

Looks like an absolute scam.

But you’re going to rebuke it and claim that it is safe and secure, because you work for them. Cheers.


I heard of this one, I remember there was a time of mine when I 90% of spare time spent on the forums, and remember that guys vividly discussed this brokerage company. That means it has certain recognition in our community.

I can’t share any in-depth information about it, sorry, because I am not a client of it, however, if there’ll be buddies who are working with this broker, and share some interesting data, then I will think of trying it out. So far, I don’t have any exhaustive information.

no disrespect, but you got that the wrong way round!! :open_mouth:

i would hope that if you’d been aware of all those HUGE red flags rightly mentioned just above by @SirKharles , you’d have run far away rather than signing up, and i hope you haven’t sent them any funds

this is for sure - clearly one to avoid!

The question is if OP is in cahoots and this is a thinly-veiled thread to promote the broker.

Thanks for cautions. Wasn’t expecting it might look this way and yeah, seem better to avoid it. Don’t know why my question seemed strange, but for me personally that’s what this forum is for, asking questions and getting answers.

this post explains why (click the green link):

certainly! and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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