zForex Review: Seeking Feedback

I’m interested in gathering information from fellow traders who have experience with zForex. Specifically, I’d like to know about their spreads, commissions, swaps, and how suitable they are for news trading. Your feedback and insights would be invaluable in helping me make an informed decision about whether this broker is the right fit for my trading needs. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Why don’t you contact their support department and gain all the information that you need? I think this way you can answer all your questions correctly. But here you can learn about other people’s opinions about this broker.

that’s very easy, Amanda: it isn’t the “right” fit for anyone’s trading needs

this is a truly horrible, awful, unregulated “broker” with a horrendous reputation in the industry, and not only because it has chosen to be unregulated and to allow 1:1,000 leverage

there are only really 2 ways a “broker” as awful as this can attract customers; one is to offer the type of “bonuses” which are in themselves (to anyone with any experience, though that isn’t who they want to attract!) a huge red flag; the other is to spam forums where there are inexperienced newbies who might be fooled by their tricks (a common one is “double-act spam”: two brand new members appear, one first to ask for reviews of the horribly scammy “broker” (sometimes even in their very first post!!!, though they’re usually a little more subtle about it than that, as you can imagine) and then another, as if by magic, not long afterwards, maybe the next day, to say “They’re great - fast, responsive, customer service, fast withdrawals, lovely people” and garbage of this kind) :open_mouth: :grimacing: :open_mouth:

whatever happens, don’t be fooled by them, Amanda - fools and their money are very, very easily parted, so don’t become one of them

and welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face: