Let's get it! Wish me luck and good luck to you all

First of all good luck to everyone else introducing themselves I hope you all stay motivated and determined :slight_smile:

I decided to join the community after seeing so many people vouch for this site, I think I was like everyone with unrealistic expectations at first, searching for easy forex courses that will make me a millionaire by next year, but of course that’s not realistic.

I’m now fully aware of the risks and know that the odds are most likely against me, but I believe that with the right mindset and determination, I will be able to make small returns.

Currently my goals are to just learn as much as I can, paper trade. In the future I would like to start with a small account, see how that goes, I don’t want to give up even if I do end up losing at first, failure is the key to success is right?

I have a full time job where I make good amount of money, don’t have many bills as I have roommates, my only issue which I’m trying to fix is that instead of saving, I spend what I make on unnecessary things. I’m working on myself and working on my discipline, I’m very impulsive and am aware of it so hopefully is a big step in fixing it. I want to improve as a person before I even start trading so that’s why I’m joining now, just to learn and educate myself before I actually dive in.

Wish me luck and good luck to you all!


Hi and welcome in BP community :slight_smile: begin from the education section, you will find link in main tab, good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

Good mindset. Ideal for being successful however long it takes.

Aim to learn how not to lose money first of all. Without capital you cannot trade. Best of luck.

Welcome to the community! We’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress! Good luck and see you around!

Welcome to the community, @hosuay. Good luck on your fx trading journey.