Let's join together

Hello fellas.
it’s been a time many people suggested to me to join a group of same minded trader fellas.
I never could understand the reason and i thought many people just like to share their success and show off on groups, like who likes to watch other dudes bragging about how good they are, at worst it may be destructive for your current abilities and create depression.
but in my studying from a book by doctor brett n steenbarger. he highly suggested traders give feedback to each other can be amazingly wonderful for your trading abilities and mentality.
at the same time he suggested some rules for the members in group which i’ll mention further but i decided to finally join with traders anyway in a good way.
the goal is: same minded traders who are obsessed with trading process and not just look for gold mine help each other and showing how good they are with a correct approach to trading and their mistakes and are completely ok to be apparent with their performance and mistakes even worst ones, try to monitor each other, traders in almost same stage in their journeys as them.
main goal is create positive experiences for each other and give feedback and be more realistic about market by seeing each others mistakes and see how other traders may responded in same situation as you to the emotions
Now I invite all traders in forex baby pips to in this thread introduce themselves, how long they are in market, are they profitable or not, what market they attend to, what is their trading style like time frame and based strategy.
now let’s just find each other if we are at the same level and same mind.

i think it would be fun to have a zoom chat… and dont require camera on(unless you want to turn it on)…

zoom chats can be held for max one hour at a time (with a free/unpaid account) and then you need to wait ten minutes to start another hour long meeting.

and it is so cheap to get a paid account($15.99/month) which allows you to host meetings that are UP TO 30 HOURS LONG.

that is actually my plan, but i am a few months away from doing it.

good trading.

dear harry
actually i like zoom meetings too but it’s forbidden to suggest that in babypips.
they call you solicitor and remove your post if contains such suggestion.
but i really would like that.
so would you introduce yourself and your experience in market.

there is some text on the previous webpage that says:
Looking for like-minded trader friends? Find “local” traders that share your trading interests and arrange a get together over a coffee or a Skype session. Note: This is NOT a promotional tool for commercial/business re…

what is the difference between skype and zoom?

regarding the above text that says "not for promotional purposes or for commercial/business)…

  1. i am a programmer and a trader.

  2. i have more than a minute invested into this trading work.

  3. it is most definitely my plan to become a very commercial operation.

when i say that it is my goal to become a commercial operation, that does not mean that i intend to sell worthless trading bots or worthless mentoring services(the two most common commercial scams in forex).

either way, all said and done, i dont even plan to begin my trading team from these forums… fat chance on that happening… if i load up a zoom chat with forum traders, they would assault me with questions and then they would leave the chat.

either way, good afternoon.


//the blue line in the above chart is the “BE”(break even)

//when multiple trades are in play… calculate breakeven price.

double getbe()
double be=0;
int ctr=0;

for(int i=0;i<OrdersTotal();i++)
if(OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)==false) break;

if(OrderSymbol()!=Symbol()) continue;


if(ctr>0) be=be/ctr;

if(be==0) be=(Bid+Ask)*0.5;


my apology for dominating your thread… fyi, i have zero interest to retain the services of a mentor and i assure you that i have no interest in anybody’s trading bots(free or not free)…

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There are many threads on here where people made a log of their trades and invited others to join in and comment. Some last for years. These approaches require very determined people to set them up and more determined to continue them. About 20 years ago, when I first became interested in Forex, I followed a thread on another forum that became about 4,000 posts. I downloaded a .pdf of it, I was so fascinated with it. Forex is a real part time thing for me. At most it has constituted about 10% of my interest and at least, sometimes 0%, Perhaps when (if) I ever retire from my other 3 pursuits, I will seek an old timer’s local meet and see if it is interesting.
To support what you say, I recommend two books on the subject. The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns, and Super-Forecasting by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner. More recently about 5 years ago, I started to attend a small group of traders in Manchester for monthly meetings. Sadly, Covid put paid to that and the team never did get to resurrect its monthly face to face meetings. The principals were funded traders, and as far as I know continue to be so, and profitably.


But then how would you find people to chat with?

I have a feeling this sort of thing already happens a lot on Discord!

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my rough draft plan to raise capital will make use of one of the oldest tactics in the world of business: cold calling.

in case you are not familiar with the term “cold calling”, it refers to making phone calls or knocking on doors or sending out mailers to prospects and making a sales presentation.

i have always had success by using cold calling sales methods.

when i establish a trading relationship with others that will be interested to participate in my work, i would hold my meetings with them using a zoom chat.

i like zoom… i am fairly familiar with the zoom app… and it only costs $15.99 per month.


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How would you know who to cold call?

Yeah zoom is cool, I like it too.

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the truth is that i would like to work for Mr Jim Simons,.

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Dear Mondeoman
well first of all thank you so much from replying.:green_heart:
actually I myself at first didn’t like the idea of a group but the connection i mean and consider here is more of a posting on a thread connection.
at here after people know each others experience they can create a group for themselves.
a group will work if we can talk together in the group, understand our psychology and can give feedback to each other and i don’t see the possibility of giving good feedback by just people posting about their idea on a forum.
and i surely will read the books you introduced thank you so much.

Actually the cold outreach method uses predetermined contacts using information provided by websites or providers selling people’s information and …
the thing is it works but actually takes time.
by the way i just checked your profile. and you’re so awesome. how long have you been in the market.

i would have to respectfully disagree with you about that…

the original “cold callers” operated by going “door to door” and talking to pure strangers, and then along came phone books and so cold callers would call perfect strangers from the book.

i am an old guy now, but i seem to remember that men used to come around knocking on doors selling vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias when i was a kid back in the 1970’s.

of course you can purchase lead sheets from ??, but any really real old school salesman will agree with me about door knocking and calling out of a phone book, which does not require a sales company or salesman to purchase lead sheets.

you could also cold call by calling phone numbers that are listed in a newspaper’s classified ads…

i seem to remember that “dell computer” got it’s start by gathering up publicly available records of people that had recently gotten married and mr dell(is that his name?) figured that he could easily sell a computer to a couple of newlyweds. It seems to have worked fairly well for Mr Dell, lol.

note: of course, the above cold calling methods are not what i would use… my methods are clever and unique and would put me face to face with the richest of the rich.


Dear harry
actually it’s so good we can discuss this.
Jordan belfort is a great seller in wall street, and yes calling one by one would work.
but the outcome is different niche by niche. i’m sure probability of selling insurance is more than selling trading bots and …
actually people have negative feelings about investing as there are many scams.
i don’t say it won’t work, but why to invent wheels when there are best tires available out there. study and use best tactics and strategies pal.
thanks for replying.:rose:

to me, that is not a bad thing that there are so many scams out there…

when the markets are extremely volatile and there are scammers on every street corner selling snake oil, i will prosper under those conditions because to me that means that investors are… i dont want to call them desperate… but instead, i will say that they are hungry for sound investment opportunities.

the biggest concern for me has always been to get my math ironed out, and then the money will come easily.

of course, the first million will be the most difficult to find, but even so i expect that it will take me about two or three days to find my first substantial investor.

please do not misunderstand me, i am in no way interested to raise capital in this forum or anywhere online. seriously.


That’s pretty amazing if that’s something you’ve already done… to form a trading group!

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That takes a while. Why not skip that whole fund raising process, and go straight to a prop firm? After your trial you start earning money.

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yea right!

haven’t tried cold out rich to form a group.
actually you don’t need to.
there are a lot of forums and you can use instagram to find good traders(most of the times you find liars who brag on their results)
or even websites like baby pips
would you like to introduce yourself more.
like what your favorite trading style, how long have you been trading, how’s your business going on currently.
thanks for replying darling.

You’ve tried doing that here or instagram?

on babypips actually and had friends on instagram too had the same problem