Lets Play a Game with Index Futures

buy US30 @ 3490

Stop @ 34820

Objective @ 34950

Objective reached

Trade closed

I’ve been interested in ETFs for a while. But only recently I started giving it more attention.

I’m curious to see what you’re up to! Good job!

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Sell in US30 @ 35020

Thank You- The session swings have been accommodating to my personal life

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Stop placed above 35100

Target @ 34950

Price should be moving lower shortly or will look to close

Market structure broke low and failed higher high upon retracement

Trade closed @ Minimal loss

Don’t like Index Futures today- Therefore, not trading

Although would like to see a move into 34950-35000 area followed by continuation lower

Target would be low of the day @ 34786

I like the idea of a reversal here on US30 but will await confirmation before considering trade

Confirmation seen

Selling @ 34495

Stop @ 34540

loss taken- don’t trade FOMC lol

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US30 divergence higher against US100 and US500
Appears to just have been a stop run- it now has some downside to catch up on

After high was ran a strong move lower give short term confirmation of sentiment shift

Now looking for selling opportunities


Sell @ 35150

Stop @ 35280

First profit taken @ 3530

Looking for 34950 but time of day could permit to close before

Got what we was looking for- full closure!

Clean day trading :money_mouth_face:


Looking for oppo to sell

Sell @ 42147