Lets Play a Game with Index Futures


  • Higher Time frame Sentiment

  • Afternoon session retracements

I’m going to type out some entries when something looks appealing (win or loose)

Follow along all

If I get too good; I might start charging :wink:

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Price has been bullish but expecting a some bearish movement soon.

Want to see sig low broken after 6:00pm (London Time Zone)

This will confirm setup


Trade idea gone

No expansion lower below low
Was just a small stop run followed by continuation

I’m staying with my higher time frame draw, unless I can see a clear and obvious scalpe

I’m sure I’ll have something for you soon @ponponwei :sweat_smile:

Not breaking my rules for you today!

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Lol. Love the discipline!!! Here for it!


Seeing strong expansion lower towards low on the 15min chart but want to see a deep move through

This is in alignment with my higher time frame trend

Will monitor

Target @ 13420.0

Looking for area to get short @ 13615.0

Now the waiting game :sleeping:

News due @ 6:30pm

I’ll be watching how price reacts

Sell @ 13615

Stop @ 13644

Stopped out at 2.5% :roll_eyes:

Still remain bearish
Half risk for next entry
Monitor after 7:00pm


Entry @ 14660

Stop @ 14576

Position closed @ 14669

Looking for reasons to sell index futures

Hate to pick tops at any time but a divergence has occurred which is back in alignment with my HTF sentiment

Short term price has failed to continue higher on numerous occasions

Awaiting displacement…


Sold @ 4475

First profit below low @ 4465

Price offered a re-entry after market structure break confirmation was seen

Now leaving till time of day permits or 4457 is reached

Closed @ 4455

Bosh! :money_mouth_face:

Don’t trust this bullishness on index futures

Expecting some break lower but will wait for confirmation before looking at entries

No Trade permitted as no breakdown lower was seen