Let's talk about motivation

Hey folks!!!

I was wondering what people’s trading motivations are. Is it only about money? Is there anyone else out there with a different motivation?


Providing I am happy and healthy, that’s all the motivation I need.

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Inasmuch it keeps proving to solve my bills; then it’s about the money. But not all about the money.

Even when the money isn’t coming in consistently, I just want to be the best trader using the strategy I’m using.

In some ways, the money can be a distraction from being a better trader - its nice to be lucky and make a pile of money through good luck - but I don’t call that good trading.

It isn’t solely about money but about 80% about money.

Bless you. I’m happy for you.

Why is that? I just want to get familiar with your point of view.

The execution of strategy is the route to consistent profits. Consistent and efficient execution guarantees my trading will stay on the right road. I am often only using one strategy at a time for forex pairs (and possibly another for indices) I can focus on the details of the strategy and make sure my management of it is perfect. This way the trades are entered at the right price and time, losing trades do not damage the win rate, the losses stay within the stop-loss distance, and I can have a leisurely lunch.

I trade as a side hustle so I’m not really only after the money, although it’s a very persuasive motivation. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :smiley: Hmmm. I trade forex more as a productive way to spend my free time (if I ever get any). :open_mouth: It’s also a way for me to learn more about myself and what I can do, if that makes sense :sweat_smile:

So, basically the whole forex and trading is just hobby for you?

Well, I’m a bit jealous (just kidding). but it’s cool that you just keep trading as a side hustle.

What’s the other 20 %?

When i first read your question, i was about to write that it is 100% about the money for me.

But it kept me thinking and i came to the conclusion, that there is something more to it. The perspective to be my own boss and to build something that is my own. To be selfemployed but without the burocracy that comes with owning a physical business.

the fact that i am satisfy with my self
i try
i have a happy family andd i earn enough money for now
thats what i need to be motivate

I like the way you consider trading and how autonomous you want to become. With that perspective I’m sure you’ll get what you want.