Level 2 Trading Option

I have asked this question before I think but I seem to remember not getting a response AND I have another question to go with it this time!

I am currently evaluating some demo systems that promise (guarantee?) a direct feed / connection to the interbank system(s) (for $35k they f*****g well better).

My two questions are:

When I am looking at the Level 2 display what am I seeing? I mean I know that I can see the quantities and prices of both short and long pending orders - but are these the orders at the banks or what?

My next question follows from the first (and is more of a logic question I suppose):

Is there any way that by analyzing this information being displayed it could be used to your advantage?



Hey dale, could you show me what the level 2 display is, maybe I could help you. I’ve never heard of it.

You are either asking people who have no need for level two trading or have no idea what level two trading is.

In my humble opinion save your 35K, buy some books, do some online research, and then demo trade until you are blue in the face.

If you are not doing well with a demo (or live) level two trading will not help much.

I think if you are using EFX they are other traders trades, but to confirm you may wnat to contact Justin LeBlang <j.leblang@efxgroup.com> he’ll be able to answer.