Leverage advantage and disadvantage

Is there any danger in using leverages?

Yes, if you do not control your risk exposure. Protect your account always. Without it, you cannot trade live.

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While leverage may improve an investment’s profits, there is a disadvantage: if the investment does not work out, it may raise the investment’s potential risk and loss.

The use of borrowed funds (debt) to support an investment or endeavor is referred to as leverage. As a result, a project’s potential profits are doubled.

Yes, there is danger in using leverage in trading. Leverage is a tool that allows traders to open positions with a much larger value than the amount of capital they have in their trading account. So more profit, more loss.

If you’re asking this question, you’re not ready to trade live. I highly recommend reading the lessons under " The Number 1 Cause of Death of Forex Traders".

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“Thank you for your response. I agree that controlling risk exposure is important for protecting one’s account. Do you have any specific strategies or tips for managing risk in live trading? I’d love to hear your thoughts.”

Thank you for your response. I appreciate your insight on the potential risks and downsides of leverage. Do you have any suggestions for balancing the benefits of leverage with the need to manage risk and potential loss? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this

thanks dude. i appreciate your help

I aim to keep my risk exposure to 1% of my account for most every trade, and also keep a maximum 5% exposure for live trades.

I never add to losing positions, as that’s a fast track to blowing accounts. Accept the pain, close the trade as there is always another waiting. I hate losing, but I hate losing big more so.

As for winning trades, you could always scalp off 30% profit, bring up the S/L to breakeven and let the balance run with a trailing S/L.

Hope that helps.