Leverage Return Markets


A forex trader (on YouTube) suggested to use his broker “Leverage Return Markets”.

Where can I check their license number to make sure they are legit?

Leverage Return Markets is regulated Financial Services Authority (License Number SE/11478)


What’s the website address? Is it this?

Well, the address on their website in Boston Massachusetts USA comes up related to some other scam forex companies.


The domain name is also new, just registered this month.

Better stay away.


you can’t, but you don’t need to

the whole thing is a scam

the Financial Services Authority has not existed since 2013

Thanks guys for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

I came across several people now on social media platforms who have in most cases a BIG following and promote their so called brokers. Often the broker site (belongs to the social media guy who ‘claims’ to be a forex/crypto trader?) has no site traffic & the domain is very recently registered!

This is a pretty easy one to look for.

Also, look for contact details and addresses, such as on a contact form. Send a message to their support and see if they reply. Google Search the address as well, and use Streetview to have a look at the actual office. It’s often a red flag to see a business registered at a home residence or some strange commercial district.

FSA is not a great regulator in the forex world so I wouldn’t trade with them. There are a lot of more reliable and trustworthy brokers out there.

You should run away from this “broker” and influencer immediately.

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