Life of a trading signal

Hello community.

In this topic I am going to share my experience as a signal provider.

After spending 6 years trading in various markets I have launched my very first signal.I am a beginner with signals and EAs :slight_smile:
Let see what kind of risk is involved in this type of trading and how we can manage and minimize the risk.
How we can optimize the signal and make it more efficient.

My signal is live now ,first trade was done 12 days ago.(last night my signal was withdrawn from the market due to the high risk associated with the high monthly return 52%. Anyway I know now roughly how much equity I need in order to keep the monthly profit under 50%) I am still in the testing and optimizing period.

I run it on MT5 platform. For the starting phase I choose to operate with Roboforex Pro Cent account.I got free access to the Virtual Private Server so I set up my Expert Advisor(Algoborg) there to make sure I will operate with minimal latency.

First encounter with the COUNTER PARTY RISK.
Its Friday now and non farm payroll data is going to be released in 7 minutes and guess what? For the first time I cant access my trading terminal through the remote desktop what I am using since the beginning.

Right now my robot has 8 open trade and 3 trades are on usd pair.Literally I cant access my robot since this morning,I am able to see the trades through the mt5 in my pc but I cant do nothing, just wait and see whats going to happen. Pretty bad situation.I am out of control due to an unexpected counterparty failure.(I emailed them my issue,lets see how long dose it take them to answer and solve this failure)

Anyway I was causes when I set up the robot.I was aware of this type of situations. The robot is able to withstand sudden market moves. We have to expect the unexpected situations and we have to be ready to deal with.

Useful,informative,educational comments are highly appreciated,similar experiences from which we can learn,please share.
Deceptive,misleading,spammy comments will be marked as spam.


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Wow Braugh, sorry to hear that. We had no problem executing size eur/usd at .1717, and then adding at .1706, still in and green, waiting for the top.

The Ever Topping Out VIPER

Top is in for me, goin fishin now, Flat And Green Babay.

The Ever Flat And Green VIPER

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Well done Viper. That is the best way to finish the trading week. Flat and green :slight_smile:
I had no trade on eur/usd but I do on usd/pln,gbp/usd and usd/mxn.
Nothing major, 1 position on profit 2 has a small loss which is absolutely fine.
Still no access to VPS is a bit annoying though.

Oh by the way, ya’ll can thank me for calling the top.

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I dont get what are you trying to say.

I have restarted the VPS and I have access again.Happy days! :slight_smile:

Well, we are now 15 pips lower than when I called the top, soooooooo if someone held till now, they are now 15 pips poorer.

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Thanks for clarification!
Lets make it clear.Those guys whom are interested in the daily top are not in this topic as my main intention is not do discuss the daily high or low,resistance levels and so on.
My EA working with preset parameters,has a completely different approach.
Thanks for understanding,cheers!

Good Luck on your Project, Algoborg… Is that EA only tested in virtual server, can you explain me. and also can i get your email please.

I run a live test. Real trades,live account but the main purpose at this stage to test the strategy and optimize the process.Gathering information,finding weaknesses in the system and so on :slight_smile:

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

No need for email.I created this feed to share information’s and answer questions.Here everybody can see the discussion,I wont explain everything over and over again for every single person in private conversation :slight_smile:

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Statistics after the 3rd week
Profit Trades:145 (99.31%)
Loss Trades:1 (0.68%)
Best trade:5716.63 EUR
Worst trade:-78.75 EUR
Gross Profit:58054.43 EUR (115872 pips)
Gross Loss:-78.75 EUR (92 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins:136 (57130.87 EUR)
Maximal consecutive profit:57130.87 EUR (136)
Sharpe Ratio:0.58
Trading activity:94.66%
Max deposit load:57.96%
Recovery Factor:736.20
Long Trades:54 (36.99%)
Short Trades:92 (63.01%)
Profit Factor:737.20
Expected Payoff:397.09 EUR
Average Profit:400.38 EUR
Average Loss:-78.75 EUR
Maximum consecutive losses:1 (-78.75 EUR)
Maximal consecutive loss:-78.75 EUR (1)
Monthly growth:66.32%
Algo trading:100%

Hey Algo, you are spam o licious, at 66% per month you should have all the money in the world in just a few years.

The Ever Hailing Our ALGO Overlords VIPER

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Your approach and your point of view is noob o licious. :slight_smile:

The 1st goal is to protect the equity.
The 2nd is to make profit.

Consistency is the key.

I dont care about the money of the world or having a big trade what will make me rich.

Every system has week points,Algoborg too.Still testing.Waiting for the second phase when I have to interfere.Now everything goes in order.This wont last forever.

Only beginner inexperienced "traders"are blinded by the monthly growth. Means nothing for me.If u raise the equity you lower the monthly growth,if you reduce it to can easily bring up to 200% if you wish. Dont get fouled by the monthly growth!