Life of pandas­čÉ╝

Hello everybody,my name is Maxwell but you can call me from Nigeria,and am also new here.i have known forex for quite a long time, and have been trying to learn it but nobody is ready to dream is for me to become wealthy in forex trading and also become a professional in it,so that I would be able to help others with it.have gone to several seminars of forex training but they keep asking for huge amount of money,and that kept me far from forex for so long,until a friend told me about about babypips.that was how I got to knw about this is all about me.

Well, it will be a challenging experience whether you win or lose. First learn how not to lose money on a demo account. thereÔÇÖs no short cut to eventual success.

best of luck.

Hi Maxwell! The education section here is the best place to start learning forex trading. Good luck with your trading journey and be careful of scammers out there.

Welcome to the community, Maxwell. Good luck on your fx trading journey.