Limit up, no access to trade position

Hello to the experienced veterans,

I opened position long at 11:38 today sp500CFD, suddenly position locked and no more access to the position, it’s frozen.
Other instruments move in MT4,I guess limit up sp500.
Until now no answer from broker,- what happens normaly to a position if suddenly “limit up” locks the instrument and there is no access to the position?
Thanks a standard lot!

US markets hit the circuit breaker and closed for the day

Depends on the broker, I haven’t had any issues with mine and I trade SP500 pretty often. ICMarkets only restricted short selling on FR40 and the Spanish market.

They answered that no trading sp500 was possible after I opened position at 11:38 and at 13:17 trading was again possible and I could close position with small loss…little bit strange

Sounds very dodgy mate. You went long when there is negative news coming out all the time. So if you are stuck in that long position and trump decided to say usa are on lockdown the market would slip you and you’d lose a lot of money… and theres nothing you can do about it. Not sure who you are with but you might want to change brokers.

Thanks for your warning, I went long for some seconds because i got a long entry scalp signal- believe me, i know what i do. I also dont loose much money cause when i have a certain amount of profit i shift that amount in the wallet- so what i would loose is not very much-but anyway-if they always block my position when i could take part in a ralley its time to change the broker.