Limiting access

Shoot me down if you like, but I’ve just had a thought.
While acknowledging that this site is predominantly aimed at helping newbie traders, it does bug me at times when ridiculously simple/stupid questions get asked which evidently show the asker has not bothered with the school at all, sometimes launching straight into trading live.
Could newbies be limited from accessing parts of the site other than the newbies section, or have a limit put on the number of posts they make, until they have completed, say, the preschool section?

My thinking is NOT to keep newbies away from parts of the site but to encourage them to use the school before trying to trade live.

I know not all newbies are new to fx, just new to the forum, but they could whizz thru this in no time, so any inconvenience would be minimal.
It might also keep out some of the scammers, the people who create multiple accounts so they can promote their own junk or stuff they are affiliates for.
All comments welcome, particularly from admin.