LINEXCUTORS - TrendLine Break EA

Hi, I am sharing this EA :smiley:
I will describe more tomorrow. (2.57 KB)

updated …

I’ve been testing an EA just like this.
its called trendmeleaveme I found it on forexfactory.
I started up a forum on fxfisher website. heres the link.

So how these EA’s Work: and THE linexcutor:

  1. we draw a line on the chart in mt4.
  2. We label that line, buy, sell, (each EA has their own name that is used)
  3. once price touches that line, the trade is executed…

as simple as 1,2,3.

I highly encourage anyone new to forex, to avoid using indicators and focus on price action.

These EA focus on price action only; We get to draw trendlines, S/R lines and the EA trades off our Input… It is a great way to trade successfully and still have the discretion needed that Automated Bots dont

There is also a Forum on forex-tsd on this EA as well… Goodluck traders

thanks for sharing…Instructions would be nice though.

HOW To use:
PIP Limit
pip wide

Can anyone explain these variables?


How this EA works:

If price break any of trendline, any opened bouncing trade (described above) will be close, then a new trade will be opened according to its direction

I have an issue with this:
Sometimes I have 10 orders, buy/sell open and then close within seconds at these Crucial Trendlines:

How can I address this issue??

I too have used the TrendMeLeaveMe EA. This is basically the same except the code is quite different. I haven’t looked deep enough into the code to find out what those other settings are…may it has to do with the buffer zone outside the trendline before it will actually trigger the trade to help filter out false breaks. TMLM has that with those dotted lines that appear alongside the trendline.

Ya, lol…when I tested it out to compare it, I too had several trades that opened and closed within seconds. So I realized that it has to do with the new pipettes and the t/p & s/l loss settings. If your broker uses the fractional pips, you’ll need to change those setting from say 30, to 300, as 30 is actually 30 pipettes or 3 pips…lol.


TMLM= yes I had to add the extra (0) value to the SL/TP upper/lower levels.

I deleted the SL and Tp from the code, because I am using a opencloser management EA.

I am using the TMLM for breakouts, and I am trying to use Linexecutor for Bounces only; With the combination of both EA’s I have a solid system.

I am still trying to figure out the linexecutor pip wide pip limit.

pip wide; IDK how this works yet. maybe the allowance of fluctuation before reversing the trade. ( The reason why multiple buy/sell trades are executed)

pip limit: The distance from the trendline, where the EA determines the Breakout

aawww I’ll try that with the linexecutor… Thanks:-)

hi all

i try it on my mt4

and it says “trendline LINEXCUTORS 1 not available”

how can i fix this