List Of Best High Leverage Brokers

Is it even safe to trade with leverage, losses can be very high in magnitude!

I agree, but unless you’re ready to take calculated risks, what’s the point in even being in the market. Not saying that you should use the maximum leverage offered, many brokers offer dynamic leverage, based on where you’re from and your trading capital. And within that you have choices, just go for what you’re comfortable with, in accordance with your r:r and your overall trading plan.

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Are you using any of the brokers mentioned here, been practicing on demo for a while now, want to take the plunge and use a broker offering 100x leverage

@MixedFlash Ideal to use the same broker you are practicing demo on, if you want to switch first use a micro account. Use a small account to test your strategies in a live environment.

Came across this new broker, fxsign, offering 5000x leverage, anybody using them or heard of them?

I’m using turnkeyforex from this list, they have dynamic leverage so you’ll be able to use 100x, best part is their trading cost, which is among the lowest I’ve seen.

5000x!! How I’ve missed having a good laugh rofl @darrickayala thanks for this, needed it, was having a bad day lmfao

@Pantaloons How is using leverage a bad thing? I started with $100 capital, used 500x leverage, so I turned my 100 into 5000.

and with 100 failed attempts amounting to $100,000 you will lose more than what you had to begin with won’t you??

@Pantaloons That tbh would depend on the experience of the trader.

So you started with 500x - when you had no experience - and then you go on to say using leverage depends on the experience of the trader - are you a bot? Or wait maybe a cyborg

Hey guys, what’s your opinion on promotional offers (deposit bonus) by the brokers? I think it’s a good way to increase your trading margin and open bigger trades. I have also researched the brokers I’ve on my list to find out what type of bonus they offer, and here’s what I found -

Coinexx - 100% deposit bonus

Lqdfx - 100% deposit bonus

Avatrade - couldn’t find anything concrete on their deposit bonus. Anyone using them?

Xm - 50% deposit bonus

Justforex - 120% deposit bonus

Turnkeyforex - 100% deposit bonus

Lmfx - Besides 100% deposit bonus they offer 15% recovery bonus

Eaglefx - couldn’t find any info on any deposit bonus, if users are aware of any let me know

Fxtm - 30% deposit bonus

Fxcm - upto $300

Justforex offers 1:3000 leverage, what a rip off seriously! I mean, they really want traders to believe that they can open a position as big as $300,000 with just $100. What if traders lose? That’s going to give rise to another interesting story.

High leverage is just a ponzi scheme of brokers to snatch traders’ money. A trader will never be able to control his trades and would eventually lose, and lose big. So, I’d suggest that traders shouldn’t use leverage at all.

Hey! Thanks for sharing the list. I am not sure, but I don’t think AvaTrade and EagleFx offer any deposit bonus.

Bro, don’t insult cyborgs! They don’t daydream😉

Two more brokers that can be a part of the list - fxview and ic markets, both offer a maximum of 500x leverage. But I’d suggest all traders be very careful while using leverage.

I don’t prefer using high leverage even if the broker is offering it. I restrain myself to 1:50 leverage.

Using leverage depends on how good your trading plan is and money management approach is. Also, you need to understand that expected risks involved along with expected profits.

Leverage is a great way of making good profits if you know your risk appetite and know how to handle it.