List of best regulated brokers

That’s cool, I want it too. Can you list out the names?

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Hotforex- HotForex Trading Rewards Loyalty Program | Forex Broker
Fxview- :: FXVIEW ::

I am already running for an iPAD on fxview :joy:

I'm a beginner in forex trading and looking for a reliable broker to start live trading. Any suggestion on a good reputable broker, preferably an older broker that has been active for over ten years?

Look above bud. A number of brokers mentioned here so you are best going on to research them further.

I just want to ask how does commission included in spreads work.

Hotforex and Tickmill are worth to look at if you will trade with scalping strategy as their live spreads are quite stable and your actual trading results will not deviate much from backtesting.

Well, first thing is to consider current exchange rate to calculate commission and then convert into pips.
This is the formula:
Total spreads = Spreads + Commission * Current Exchange Rate/ Pip Value

Let’s say the spreads on EURUSD is 0.2 and the commission of a broker is $10 RT. Pips Value is always $10 per standard lot for USD pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and NZDUSD).
FYI, at the moment, Current Exchange Rate of EURUSD is 1.16
In this way, we can calculate total spreads

0.2 + 10*1.16/10 = 0.2 + 1.16 = 1.36 pips

Let’s say if the commission is $2
0.2 + 2*1.16/10 = 0.2 + 0.232 = 0.432 pips

Hope this helps!


This is quite helpful. Thanks for explaining in detail.

My broker (won’t name them) is messing up with the withdrawals - they are now charging fees for withdrawals. So I wanna switch to another, any recommendations?

Do you know if are a good broker generally speaking?

Oops, that’s not good.
IC Markets & Pepperstone are the ones I’m using, they don’t take fees.

Been there before bruh, add fxview too to the list. Good one.

Hello, guys.

Could anyone tell me how to get a detailed report for the account statement/trading history from TradingView?
Their help center is of no use.


Thanks for these suggestions, will shortlist one that works well for me!

I haven’t heard of them before. Will do some research and get back to you on this.
Btw, from where did you hear about them?

Haven’t really heard about them before, but their website seems alright. regulated with fca & cysec, so that’s a good part.

New update:
Fxpro customer support is now available 24/7.

CMC Markets is planning to split into two entities, does anyone know about this exactly?

Been hearing about that, just read from here
Seems like it is in early talks and this is their plan:

preparing to launch a new UK investment D2C and B2B platforms next year that will offer investment products and physical shares, among others.