List of best regulated brokers

It will be a great addition if you update the brokers list with the multi asset platforms like acttrader, ctrader and finalto. Have seen there is no platform information offered by all these.

Check them as well BDSwiss Plus500 and FP Market.

Well yeah, I think so.

Compiled a few more to update the thread, tho I don’t have access to edit my OP yet.

You mentioned a few that I’ve heard good things about online and that some of my friends use personally here. I’m one of those that likes using certain offshore brokers because of the benefits, but I’d definitely consider your list if I ever had to switch.

Same here, I use offshore brokers as well, but this list is really good if you are looking for the regulated one. Any particular faves from the list? Some of these got my attention, might try them out soon.

What is a market Maker ?

Best is a subjective term, all these are good if OP has researched well. Plus according to trading styles, preferences can vary. I scalp majorly, so less commissions and quick withdrawals suits me the best.

Check this out: Market Maker Definition | Forexpedia by

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I am a newbie here and can anyone tell me which broker is good for beginners from this list?

What exactly are you looking for? The list has pretty much everything that you need to know.

Some nice brokers in this list are:

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Yeah I know, but which will be preferable among these in terms of spreads and commissions as I don’t wish to risk my money in the initial stage?

Thank you, will look into these!

Would like to try VPS. Which one among these is having the cheapest package?

Had to go around and check for every broker. Phew. Anyhow, here’s what I got.

  • Avatrade - The price of their VPS plan can vary from a few USD to hundreds of US Dollars, based on quality and storage.

  • FXCM - At the beginning of the month (between 1st and 15th), a fee equal to 30 units of the base currency (3,000 JPY, 240 HKD) will be debited from any of your FXCM Account(s) to cover the VPS cost for each subscription.

  • Fxpro - To avail their VPS package, you need to deposit $30 per month and it’s free for premium account holders.

  • Fxview - With them you can avail free VPS package on a minimum deposit of $5000.

  • Hotforex - Their paid subscription starts from as low as $30/month depending on the plan you choose, the plans they offer are:

    1. Bronze VPS Package:
      Free - Minimum $5000 deposit

    2. Silver VPS Package:
      Free - Minimum $8000 deposit

    3. Gold VPS Package:
      Free - Minimum $15000 deposit

  • HYCM - Didn’t get any information from their website. (If anyone has any information please feel free to share, will add here)

  • IC Markets - They offer VPS subscription package If your trading volume exceeds 15 lots (round turn) per month.

  • IG - You need to meet the minimum requirement of $5000 to get their free VPS.

  • Pepperstone - They offer two VPS servers i.e. FXVM and New York City Servers on each you can get 25% off.

  • Tickmill - They offer a 20% discount on all packages.

  • XM - You need to maintain a minimum trading account balance of 5000 USD to get their free VPS

  • XTB - Again, Didn’t get any information from their website. (If anyone has any information please feel free to share, will add here)

Before going with any, it would be beneficial to do some research on your own as well.

Well that’s a lot of options, can’t thank you enough.

What is the difference between these VPS class? better latency?

Yeah, better latency, more disk space, and some other stuff, you can visit their website for better understanding.

Nice bunch of brokers you’ve chosen

Among these, with which broker I can deposit via BTC as well, any suggestions?

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