List of crypto exchanges!

I have found a website that teaches you about cryptocurrencies, what they are, how to set up a wallet etc.
It also lists an index of crypto exchanges.
I thought I shared this website with you all.

I learnt much about cryptocurrencies from this website. It also teaches you how to get free cryptocurrencies.

There’s also a crypto school here!

Have you finished the lessons there from that other website? How does it compare to the one here?

Looks like an affiliate link farm.

You’re better off learning from @ponponwei link to the crypto school here.

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Stumbled upon this thread and noticed it’s a few months old, but I just had to chime in because resources like the one you shared are incredibly helpful for those new to crypto! Education is key in this fast-paced world of digital currencies, and the more quality resources we have, the better.

Plenty of resources teaching about things you should do, but it’s just as much about things you shouldn’t do.

We’re still a bit in the wild wild West when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry.

Do your own due diligence, triple check your sources, confirm and reconfirm wallet addresses, don’t get fooled by the next quick rich scheme. There are so many snake oil salesmen and scammers just waiting to take your money.