List your broker , , nothern finance , fxsolutions, whatever you use … share it?

i use forex, but looking into finding a broker that offers hedging and scalping.

i am using stifx who allows me scalp and hedge my positions, which helps me grow my protfolio easily. And since they having very good support i get generous help always. STIFX is my first choice as i have tried many others, and not happy with services.

I have found They have the mt4 software and you can trade at a micro account. They also pay roll overs and you can give them your parameters and they will back test them for you.

i use is my first broker.what i love about this thing is that,it is simple.

------simple method can bring out enjoynment in your trading :smiley: -----

i also use fxsol, i have been using them for almost a year now with no problems, they work very well for the way i trade. and there new charting system is very good.

I use ABN AMRO Marketindex (ABN AMRO marketindex: So traden die Profis)

This broker has a licence agreement with Oanda to use their interface. And they have an extended range of tradeable underlyings (besides currencies also the main stock market indices, commodities and interest rates) which gives more opportunity for diversification. And like in Oanda, you can adjust your position size very finely (you can buy exactly 1 unit, if you wish).

With this broker, you’ll have to take into account that they only offer a maximum leverage of 50:1. Which makes it more suitable for position trading.

Unfortunately, because of legal regulations, they only allow customers from the german-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). No chance for an US-resident.

You can view broker reviews at

I personally use Dukascopy

i wish i could use dukascopy…:frowning:

oh well, maybe i’ll be a middleweight contender in the forex ring someday. is mainly a news trading site so technical traders should take those reviews with a grain of salt. Good luck finding a broker that doesn’t increase spreads during news releases.

I’m also sure that everyone here is aware of, and it’s creator Felix, arguably dubious background.

Having said that, I’ve never used anything of Felix’s so I can only go off of the research I’ve done.

Oanda for main trading activities, northernfinance for the more riskier trades (they provide extremely high/DANGEROUS leverage)

I read about horrible problems with FXCM…i haven’t had any and the help has been great,…I guess i will find out when i go live…

Forexbastards have nothing good to say about them…

I heard DUKASCOPY was really good…any feedback?


I am trading here in Australia with Hallifax and they use the GFT platform which, in my opinion, is the best.

We have none of the problems i see so frequently discussed on this form about brokers. The regulation in Australia is very strict. My money is independently managed by one of our major banks and spreads are not increased during market news.

I even use dial-up internet with no problems.

You can choose your leverage at any time.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

i trading live GFT