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Dear traders,

I am Sergei Shuvalov, a representative of LiteForex. I am here to answer the questions about trading in LiteForex, as well as about our latest promotions, rebates and special offers.

LiteForex has been working in Forex market since 2005. The company has 45 000 clients that trade actively and more than 1 000 000 demo-accounts. LiteForex is an international company with representative offices in several countries. Among our achievements is that we were one the first to give a possibility of trading with as little as 1 dollar using cent accounts.

Your questions are appreciated, please do not hesitate asking.


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Who has opened an account with LiteForex? What is your attitude to this company? Is it worth enough?

Just sharing my experience.
I’ve been trading with the company for about 2 years now, I’ve never face problems with withdrawal. LiteForex is a very reputable company, IMHO.
Your e-currency withdrawal system is great! I’m really satisfied with the speed and process.

Here are some points that you should consider
• Client email takes to much time before it was answered, and sometimes client emails was not answered at all, although now you have a “call me back” and also a live chat through YM, you should also pays attention to your emails
• You had to many problems regarding WITHDRAWAL through WIRE. Upgrade those service please.
Thank you for reading and accepting the critics with an open mind.
Over all i do love the broker.

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A question for all who trade with LiteForex. Why did you choose this company? Did you collect any information on it before you chose it? How do you estimate the company?

Greetings stfitch,

Thanks for your question about LiteForex. Please ask your question in the “Rate My Broker” section of the Forum. The idea behind the Broker Aid Station is that members and clients can ask a broker questions directly. You might find out that your question has already been asked in the “Rate my Broker” section. Have a look! Rate My Broker: Discuss & Review Forex Currency Trading Brokers


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I’m sorry, now I’ve found the right thread.

demo trading and live trading are two very different things. From this reason it is very important to follow your trading plan exactly and use a system like liteforex with clear trading rules to control emotions like greed and fear.

I use liteforex for my “-news release” trades (I"m intraday with the expection that I have to hold a position overnite sometimes), and I have no problems with them for that. I use Fxsol at news time…no probs there either. I have live accts at each.i have very glad from liteforex

I’ve a live account with them and they are really good. , but anyway…:):slight_smile:

I’m with liteforex for 3 weeks now and like them very much so far

The LITEFOREX produce the most popular traders’ software…participants: dealing desks, broker and investment companies, banks, special software developers, data providers.

I have been looking at different brokers to open a demo and then a proper account with, I thought that liteforex looked the best with its different account sizes and the metatrader 4 platform.
The fact that it is FSA regulated also helps.

they are the best

pakistanim1, are you from Pakistan?

There’s a new tool on your website – Forex Quotes. What’s the point using it? There is a Metatrader whith all the quotes and charts. What is that for?

I think Liteforex’s representatives can be more active in this forum.


Sorry for the late reply, I was out of the office.
Forex Quotes is designated for watching open positions when you are unable to sign in to your trading terminal MT4.

I am really getting fed up with lite forex mt4 data feed.
I have big gaps in my charts for no apparent reason, for instance, just looking back over two days, EURUSD feed. My 15 minute chart has a big gap with no data from 17:50 yesterday to 04:30 today my 1 minute chart, 5 minute, 30 minute charts all have that data.
This kind of missing data happens all through my chart history since I have been using lite forex.
Many kinds of analysis are rendered uselss if there are gaps in the chart data especially trendlines will follow a totaly different path than the one they should be indicating.

I have emailed lite forex tech support about this before and they told me to use the download button in history center. In case you all didnt know, that download button will not get data from liteforex server to fill in the gaps, it will get poor quality data full of erroneous candles direct from metaquotes own server this data is commonly regarded amongst the forex community as close to useless, and will cause endless chart mismatch errors if used in strategy tester.

I am strongly considering closing my liteforex account and finding a broker with a more reliable data feed, or at least provides downloadable data for import into mt4 in the case of corrupted or missing history files, several of the well known brokers provide this service why cant lite forex do the same.

Dear SDC,
Yes, everything you said is true. We know about it and we consider it to be a serious problem. I can assure you that we have been working on it for some time and now we are about to change our data feed supplier. Now the new data source is being tested on demo server. We will put it into operation when everything is finished and tested.

well I’m glad to hear you are planning to do smething about the data feed how long would you expect before it is online for live accounts ?