LiteForex Review

Hi there.
I need your advise about trading with LiteForex.
They offer me 40% bonus to the deposit (for that I’m working with OKPAY payment system) if I open an account.
Thanks in advance

There’s no such thing as a free lunch

100% Agreed! Read the terms and conditions and see if you still want to accept the bonus once you read them. It’s best to keep your freedom and trade your own money. A lot of brokers will offer you a bonus (even higher than 40%), but always read the terms and conditions first.

Thank you, I will read

you can update now. they has promoiton for 10th aniversary. they offer 100% bonus for us. but it is limit .

One of the biggest traps for new traders and I think the biggest reason for bad broker reviews. Many don’t read the terms and conditions, get caught up in a web of restrictions and then when they try to make a withdrawal find it not possible until x-criteria is reached or they can withdraw their deposit and lose all profits.