Little favors (survey) for a beginner's point of view

Hello fellow traders. . .

I am currently working in a corporate world where time to trade is limited so that’s why I’m conducting a survey where a “soon to be trader” can learn it the easiest way possible. I hope I could get some of your valued ideas to help me build a strong/confidence for everyone(1) whom has the desire to trade forex.

Please include your email so I could get back to you on how well this survey responded by many and I will give you my e-course for free.

Hope my questionnaire below be an answer to you and for others who still indecisive to go trading :

  1. What Are Your Top 3 Questions on forex trading?

  2. List 3 Things you would like to learn more about the forex trading

  3. What Are Your Biggest Fears / Obstacles When It Comes to forex trading?

To OUR SOCIETY, TO OUR FREEDOM, to a trading ENVIRONMENT where knowledge and skills means profit (money)…………
Your turn to learn where you can earn. . .