Little introduction

Hi, i am Marijn

I am from the netherlands and currently in a gap year, working full time. I found that full time working is not wat i like/want. So i searched for other ways to make some money. And i found forex!

The ultimate goal is to earn full salary trough forex day trading. But for now i am an absolute newbie. I’d like to learn everything about forex and thats wy i am here.

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Hi Marijn,

welcome to the forum. Your goal is good but keep in mind that it will not come easy.

You said you’re in a full-time job - is it an on-site/physical type of job? If yes I recommend switching to another job where you can work with your computer, preferably from home. That way you can have two screens - one for trading/learning and another for your work.

If you dedicate time for trading only after work then your progress will be slower than you expected and there’s a chance you will give up at some point.

Therefore, take it seriously, treat it as a business and most importantly - seek real, professional education about how the forex market works.

Whoever’s thoughts/ideas/strategies you’re reading - always ask yourself: is this guy an actual professional, consistently profitable trader or is he hiding behind the trees and most likely doesn’t have a clue about how to trade the FX market?

Always think rationally because this industry is full of scams. Wish you all the best.

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Welcome to the community, Marjin! How are you getting on with your trading education? Have you been through the School of Pipsology? It’s the best place to start learning. See you around and good luck!

Welcome to the community, Marijn. You need to put in the time and effort to achieve your goals. Just be patient as you go through the learning process. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Welcome Marijn.
Remember that this takes years, perhaps tens of years. The learning never stops.
Be patient and study hard. GL