Little story about me

I am an employee, my nickname is tahir,
I have spent the last few years gambling, and I have lost a lot
I come from Indonesia
I have given up gambling, and decided to become a trader.
I have tried trading on a live account, but I have been losing.
Finally I realized, that trading is not as easy as imagined, and now I’m in the learning phase, before starting again on a live account
I hope that everyone here can help me become a successful trader.
Thank you to all of you


Never loose hope keep on learning one day you’d be successful

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thank you for the support

The challenge you are undertaking trading FX is how NOT to overtrade, revenge trade and gamble. The only control you have is risk exposure. Without an account you cannot trade. Which means you will need to learn how not to lose money.

First step is to open a demo account to practice and experiment on. Aim to develop a profitable strategy and a solid process that you will need to follow for every trade. EVERY TRADE.

When you are comfortable to go live again, you will meet emotional challenges for every trade you make. Learn to accept it while learning how to detach your mindset from what the market is throwing at you. Rely on your process all the time.

Best of luck.



Use your experience as a opportunity for growth!

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advice that means a lot to me, thank you

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

I have given up gambling, and decided to become a trader.

There is no difference between the two.

Forex trading can be hard so you have to try your best even if you keep falling down again and again. Keep practicing more on demo, you just have to keep trying on.

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Welcome to the community, Tahir. Consider opening a demo account when you decide to trade again. That way you don’t lose any money while you’re still learning.

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I think gambling and trading are different

Yes, i’m still trying and learning on demo account

Yes, thanks

  1. the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning

Just fyi, trading is gambling.

hahaha, The difference is in risk and reward,

Trades are not or should not be placed in the hope of winning but based on the probability of winning. So by your own definition trading is not gambling.

Many years ago I made my living betting on horseracing, I spent many hours studying and only bet when I considered the odds offered were better than the probability of a horse winning. I always resented being called a gambler.

If a casino offered you 2/1 about red coming up (a true even money chance) and you bet red all night, I do not think this could be considered gambling.


But i believe trading is not gambling,

Yes, i agree with you, it just like using 1 strategy to achieve profit

Welcome Tahir! You are right, forex trading is not an easy money. You need to focus on learning and getting the required skills to be a profitable trader. Good luck on your trading journey!

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Thank you so much